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May 3rd and 4th

More details on these events is available at the May 4th Task Force website:

May 3rd

6:30pm:  US Congressman John Lewis speech in the KSU Ballroom. Free of charge.

8:00pm: Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale to speak in Oscar Ritchie Hall lecture room. Free of charge.

10:30pm: Gathering for the Candlelight March and Vigil which starts at 11pm on the KSU commons at the Victory Bell.

May 4th

Noon-3:00pm: The 40th Annual May 4th Commemoration on the KSU Commons featuring speakers/musicians, including: Keynote speakers Black Panther leader Bobby Seale and Gerald Casale of DEVO; music by Country Joe McDonald and Shadowbox Theater; Speakers: Mary Vecchio, May 4 eyewitness; esteemed 1970 photographer John Filo; Gene Young, Jackson State massacre eyewitness; Russ Miller, brother of KSU martyr Jeff Miller; Florence Schroeder, mother of KSU martyr William Schroeder; Joe Lewis, May 4, 1970 eyewitness/casualty; Chic Canfora, May 4 eyewitness; Buddhist Lama Surya Das, a 1970 KSU student; Bernardine Dohrn and Mark Rudd, ex-SDS leaders; and Sanford Rosen, attorney for KSU casualties’ families (from

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